Molly’s Annual Astrology Calendar

2020 Astrology Calendar now Available!!

Molly’s Astrology Calendar is a set of software-based digital astrological calendars in a universal format that you can download and import to your Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, or Outlook. This astrology calendar works in any time zone- and travels with you!

  • The Lunar calendar tells you what sign the Moon is in, when it is Void of Course, and when the New and Full Moons take place.
  • The planetary events calendar has the signs, retrogrades, and aspects. Pop both calendars right into your scheduling software!

Get astrological information right where you need it!

Put this annual calendar on all of your favorite devices…

Instantly check what’s up in the sky… in YOUR time zone

And choose your moment to take action!

Molly’s astrological calendar puts the daily, weekly, or monthly astrological “weather” at your fingertips all the time. The calendar makes it easy to plan your life and set appointments for the most auspicious time!

Virtual Astrology Calendar On Your Fav Devices

  • Easy import process pulls the calendar files into all your devices.
  • Universal format – View your Astrology Calendar on any device that supports iOS Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook.
  • Molly’s Astrology Calendar works in any time zone – and even travels with you!
  • Planetary Events calendar with aspects, ingresses, retrograde and direct stations and shadow times.
  • Lunar calendars with Moon signs, Void of Course, New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses.
  • Choice of standard or enhanced Moon VOC calculations.
If you need any assistance, we are here to talk you through the installation!
I love being able to pop into it and see Oh, the moon is VOC right now. I won’t set up that Facebook Ad. I’ll wait a few hours so I know it has a little more oomph.
Certain moons make me moodier than others, so your moon calendar is especially helpful to me.
I use the calendar to set appointments and to time when to release our marketing e-newsletters. What’s the point of sending out a marketing blast during a moon void of course?!
Laugh, but I worry about NOT having access to a calendar like this!
Lorraine Krofssik

Your Online Astrology Calendar

Once you install the astrology calendar to your devices, you’ll have the most up-to-date information, including:

  • Moon signs
  • New Moons and Full Moons
  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  • Lunar and planetary Zodiac sign changes
  • Moon void of course dates and times
  • Planetary aspects
  • Stationary retrograde and direct planets
  • Retrograde shadow dates and times

Molly’s astrological calendar allows you to choose between standard and enhanced Moon Void of Course. The enhanced Lunar calendar throws a couple of Molly’s favorite points into the calculation. As a result, sometimes the VOC period begins later. 

After you complete the easy initial installation, you’ll have the astrological world at your fingertips. You’ll have a better idea when to sign the contract, call your best client or sister-in-law, and when to lay low and chill out. And you won’t have to carry your bulky paper calendar with you everywhere!! 

Who Is Behind Molly’s Astrological Calendar?

Molly Gauthier has been studying, teaching, and loving astrology since the 90s.
In addition to authoring Molly’s Astrology Calendar, she practices Medical Astrology and Nutrition Therapy and teaches astrology classes online.

Molly is a real person who loves astrology, loves to teach it and share it, and provides awesome customer service.

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